Welcome homeowner!

Unless you live in a cave, you will likely face the need to repair or replace windows in your home. Unlike buying a car every few years, where you have some buyer’s experience, replacing windows may happen only once or twice in your life. The subject of window and door replacement is so broad, you may not even know what questions to ask! Start here with our FAQs.

At, you’ll learn:

  • how to tell if you need to repair or replace
  • what types of windows are available
  • differences in window quality
  • what style of window is right for your home
  • what features you want in a window
  • general cost information
  • how to examine costs vs. benefits
  • what questions to ask
  • what to look for in a competent installer
  • what to expect in the replacement process

The purpose of this segment of is to prepare you to make an educated decision when meeting with your dealer/contractor.