DIY Window Replacement Advisory Service

diy-window-replacement-helpTaking on home improvement projects yourself shows that you have a lot of personal pride in your home, and will increase your home’s value while keeping costs down. Each DIYer has their own threshold for what projects they feel they can – and can’t – take on. While you might feel comfortable changing a light fixture, setting tile or building a deck, replacing the windows in your house may not necessarily be a job you feel comfortable taking on yourself…until now.

Window replacement involves more than just the window itself; it involves the interior and exterior of your home as well. And if not done correctly, can lead to new problems like water infiltration and air leakage. Measuring for replacement windows isn’t as easy as it might seem, and will be a costly mistake if you order the wrong size. Add to that any local code requirements and possible lead paint concerns, and it’s easy to see how big a project the replacement of even a single window can be.

As a DIYer, you might be wondering about what tools you’ll need, if a window replacement project can be completed by a single person or what will happen if you start the project and find that you are in over your head.

Our DIY Window Replacement Advisory Service is designed to address all those questions and concerns, plus more. It includes…

  • Assessment of the situation. We’ll use your photos, videos, and/or written description of your current situation and of what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll evaluate your initial concerns and identify other potential problems as well.
  • A written explanation of suggested solutions for each issue.
  • An overview of the skill level required for your specific DIY window installation project, tool requirements and time investment.
  • Written justification for the repair or replacement of your windows.
  • Description of the repair/replacement process for each suggested solution.
  • Unbiased recommendation and explanation of features and benefits.
  • Written step-by-step installation process instructions for your specific home once your decision has been made.
  • 2 hours of phone or email consultation time to answer questions as you move through the installation process.

There are limitations to the DIY role. Window replacement is not a cinch, contrary to what some publications tell you. But some applications are certainly easier than others, and your skill level obviously is a factor. We can discuss what’s right for you and you can come away fulfilled and saving money.

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