Homeowner Window Replacement Advisory Service

replace-windows-in-my-houseReplacing windows in your home is something that happens infrequently and comes at a considerable cost. You want to make the best and most educated decision possible so you can be certain the money spent in your window replacement purchase is spent well.

Unfortunately, a window is not just a window; there are many window types and styles, and factors such as the exterior of your home, architecture style and other personal preferences dramatically impact replacement window selection.

Our homeowner window replacement advisory service is designed to help you determine the best window type for your specific needs while educating you on what all your options are. We’ll be your unbiased guide and support as you move through this process.

Our Homeowner Window Replacement Advisory Service includes:

  • Assessment of your current window(s), including understanding any problems you are currently having and what features are important to you for your new windows. Assessment can be conducted through photos, videos and email/phone conversations.
  • Written justification for replacement or repair of your window(s).
  • Written explanation of the window replacement process and the benefits you can expect from replacing your windows.
  • Unbiased recommendations for how to move ahead with your window replacement project. This includes product recommendations as well as where to go and who to contact in your area.
  • 2 hours of phone consultation time to answer your questions as you move through the window replacement process for your home.

At the conclusion of our window replacement advisory service, we expect you to feel educated on your options and confident with the path chosen for your replacement or repair project.

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