window-advisory-servicesJim Snyder’s years of hands-on fenestration experience have culminated in a wide range of services now available to manufacturers, dealers, homeowners, and even DIYers. You work can side-by-side with Jim and take advantage of his extensive installation knowledge, creative problem solving, advanced training, and consumer interaction to solve even your most complicated of window issues.

Jim’s experienced installer’s perspective provides unique insight of product and application assessment. His objective insight will help consumer’s make informed decisions, equip DIY’ers with the “tools” to replace their own windows, assist dealers with special project assessments, installation instruction and measuring techniques, and guide manufacturers on making their product installation-friendly and more widely usable.

Consulting with Window Jim can mean:

  • improving a manufacturer’s bottom line, through product and process assessment and improvement;
  • improving a dealer’s bottom line, through tested installation best practices, and customer service and product training;
  • guiding a homeowner into making an educated decision; and
  • helping a DIYer complete a successful project.

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