Window Dealer Training Service

window-dealer-trainingWindow dealers are often the hub of the fenestration industry. Manufacturers, installers, homeowners and builders all have direct connections to a window dealer, but don’t necessarily interact with each another.

Staying current on window specs, manufacturers’ offerings and trends in construction and window replacement is key to establishing yourself as a window dealer “in the know”. But in the world of fenestration, there is so much to be aware of beyond just the products on the market.

Permitting, tax credits, LRRP and changing regulations have a huge impact on units sold as well as customer satisfaction. Educating your consumers and quickly turning around estimates are necessary parts of your job. Add to that understanding the best replacement applications and industry design requirements, and it’s easy to see how a good window dealer needs to know more than just the basics of a lot of window things.

Our Window Dealer Training Service includes:

  • Assessment of your current operation, including understanding any challenges you are facing and discovering your strengths as well as areas needing improvement.
  • Evaluation of special projects
  • Written feedback, including my assessment of your current operation and any special projects, plus my unbiased recommendations for training and process improvement options.
  • Develop a training program that best fits your specific needs, including take-off training, installation awareness for salespeople and any assistance for DIY customers.
  • Work side-by-side with you (in-person, phone calls, Skype and email) to launch your new training program.

We can provide an experienced yet unbiased outsider’s perspective on your dealer operations, identify areas that need improvement, and provide all the help and training you need to successfully pull together all the moving parts of your dealership.

Contact us today to learn more or to get started.