Window Manufacturer Consulting

A main goal for any window manufacturer is to engineer a high-quality product that is very desirable to dealers, installers and homeowners, as well as architects, builders and contractors. The more units sold and properly installed, the more happy, satisfied homeowners there are touting your windows as the best around.

From the preliminary concept of a fenestration product, all the way through to the final installed product, a lot has to happen to design and manufacture a great, quality product, generate sales, assure proper installations, and minimize callbacks.

Pulling all of these pieces together properly is definitely a tall order, but one that results in more profit for the window manufacturer that does it best.

As a seasoned fenestration professional, I have a deep understanding of the endless installation challenges out there. I have countless hours of face time with homeowners during the sale, along with hands-on experience with the products during the installation process. Because of this, I have a very unique vantage point on what products install well, are well received by homeowners, and why.

Too often I see missed opportunities by manufacturers, such as simple product enhancements, that could greatly benefit both the product and the installation.

I’ve had experiences where I’ve heard about a new product release specifically designed for a certain type of application, and knew immediately upon reading the windows specs that the specialty window wasn’t going to work properly as designed.

Being on the front lines for so many years has provided me the experience you just can’t get from sitting behind the desk. I’m proud to offer my unique knowledge and expertise as a consultant for both long term strategy and development, and short term special projects.

Some examples of how I can work with you are:

  • Installation solutions
  • Product design, as it relates to installations and applications
  • Replacement dealer training
  • New dealer setup training as it relates to existing application assessment
  • Technical writing and editing of installation procedures or architectural details
  • How to make your product more desirable to installers
  • How to better present your product to dealers and installers
  • Getting feedback from the field
  • Communication methods and techniques with installers

Contact me today to discuss your specific needs and challenges.