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As a window replacement specialist for over a decade, I’ve counseled homeowners, installers, dealers and manufacturers in identifying needs, improving processes and increasing sales. In the process, I’ve accumulated a library of knowledge, which I share on my WindowJim blog. This website is your porthole to that knowledge. In it you’ll find procedures, products and ideas to improve process flow, increase customer satisfaction and reduce labor costs.

This non-biased website is intended to provide objective real-world information about window and door (fenestration) replacement for the professional and consumer (and Do-It-Yourselfers). It consists of videos, articles, white papers and a blog. The information is based on years of experience and thousands of hours of research in many facets of the replacement industry.

You will find both general information and highly detailed information. As a window installation professional you will find technical information and proven tips for installers, salespeople, dealers and manufacturers. Occasionally, even subjects from related professions will be addressed.

Consumers will find a starting point for replacing windows in your home, guidance in selecting both windows and an installer and, for the do-it-yourselfer, directions to replace windows yourself.

Happier homeowners, instinctive installers, a savvy sales force and dedicated dealers find their answers at WindowJim.com.